5 ways that can make you unhappy

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5 ways that can make you unhappy

5 ways that can make you unhappy. I had a random thought who can easily make you unhappy?

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I thought for a while and had come up with a few of these reasons that can easily make anyone unhappy. Life is also known as a journey filled with its ups and downs. Up is usually when you reach your success, desire and your dreams. Similarly, downs are associated when you are hurt by someone or something. 

There may be different points of opinion on who can easily make you unhappy. Here are a few of them. Stay tuned till the end, the last one is interesting!!

5 ways that can make you unhappy


1) Family

5 ways that can make you unhappy

Family is a huge section that comprises your mom, dad and siblings in the initial stage. There is a quote:-

“Loved ones are the people through whom we can be most easily affected”


Parents bring you into this world. They are the source through which we learn our basic values and education. Our life is a gift of God which in many religions is our parents. 

Have you ever faced a situation when your parents could not understand your feelings?

You face a problem or the time when your feelings are hurt due to them. Where would you go?

No one can win with your parents. It’s a loss for both sides.


Brother or sister can be your friend and guide, they play many roles. What if one day suddenly the sibling you knew through childhood, you could not understand them and they cannot understand your point of view. 

You would be easily hurt. 

5 ways that can make you unhappy


Life Partner

5 ways that can make you unhappy

We meet our life partner in the third stage when we are mature enough to get married, choose and decide our life partner. This one person is the whole world to you, your happiness and sadness depends on your life partner. 

There may be times when your existence together may be at stake, when your opinions do not match nor does your goal. There may be a lack of understanding, what you thought while getting married he/she is not the same anymore.

What should you do?

This situation is too hard and it may easily break your feelings.



Children are the dearest to any parents. They raise them, sacrifice their life taking care of them. The upbringing of any children is dependent on their parents. Children can be the pride or disgrace to the parents. 

Whatever, the situation would be, parents always love their children.

There would be instances when you might be hurt due to your children and the way ahead would be difficult.


2) Dreams

5 ways that can make you unhappy

Do you agree that dreams can be a medium through which you could be hurt?

Well, only if you are unable to turn your dreams into reality. It will make you sad, your dreams are a desire through which you can either be happy or unhappy.

What if your dream is only a dream and it can never be accomplished.


3) Friends

5 ways that can make you unhappy

“we can’t choose our parents but we can choose our friends”

There would be many times we feel that there is only one person in the world, that can understand you, that maybe your best friend.

Someday maybe the same friend has done something that can be one of the reasons you are hurt. 

You are hurt because you have considered your friend as a “Good Friend.” Now there is a Question Mark on your friendship. (5 ways that can make you unhappy)


4) Expectations

5 ways that can make you unhappy

Expectations can lead to disappointment. The time when we start expecting from someone about something, that time we are dependent on that person for our happiness. 

Expectations can be a soul cause that can easily hurt you. We can rarely find a person worthy of any expectations.


5) Love

5 ways that can make you unhappy

Now comes the most important term (LOVE) without which no one can live and everyone desires to be loved. 

We love our parents, friends, spouse, children, job, etc… 

  • Love cannot be named for a few people.
  • It is exponential. 
  • There is no limit defined for love.

The person who has an abundance of love around them is happier as compared to the person who is facing its shortage.

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Love given is not surely received, this can hurt anyone easily.

The foundation of our society is Love. It needs to be protected and maintained by humankind for its own existence.



5 ways that can make you unhappy

The “5 ways that can make you unhappy” can be different according to different people and their circumstances in life.

The only way that we can stay away from being unhappy is to be happy and remain satisfied with yourself and not depend on others for your happiness.

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