How to write Autobiography of the tree?

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How to write Autobiography about the heart of the tree?
Autobiography of the tree

How to write Autobiography of the tree?

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How to write Autobiography of the tree would be answered by Question Clubs. We have found out this question that was unanswered for quite a time and now we have decided to throw light on this question. Autobiography of the tree can be understood only if we can be at the place of the tree. 

Autobiography comes from the heart of any person or living beings which shows the different phases of life filled with all kinds of emotions like happiness, love, hate, sadness, or depression.

Let’s think about the “Autobiography of the tree” in a manner where we can empathize with the tree.

‘I’ represents here as a Tree.

Autobiography of the tree

Initial Stage

  • I was a seed displayed in the market; I was bought by a gentleman in the market. He took me home with care and the next day he planted me in his land.
  • The feeling was amazing as now I had a family, but I was scared as I was underground willing to see the sky. I was taken care of by the gentleman & his family. Water was my food and sunlight gave me direction.

 Growth Stage  

  • After a few days, my roots and stem were growing. I saw the sky for the first time, that was the best day of my life to see the world. I was growing with time, I had one branch which was growing to many other branches, now I have a family of my own.
  • With time, I was growing stronger with new members (Branches) each day. From the few leaves I had many leaves, I started bearing flowers.
  • I was happy as I had what I needed, a family of my own and the gentlemen’s family. Honeybees surround me for taking nectar from the flower, birds use to sit and create family in some of my branches.

Autobiography of the tree

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  • I was building a small world within me, in this huge world. I had started giving meaning to my life and contributing to nature.
  • The flowers soon started bearing into fruits, then my value increased for the gentleman as he took my fruits to sell into the market. Gentleman was now earning money, his hard work is now paying him returns.
  • Life was going smoothly, I was providing shelter to the tired gentleman after his day’s hard work, a cycle of weathers came, leaves shed and grew again, birds chirping and kids playing around me, trying to reach my fruits through throwing stones.

Maturity Stage

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  • Years passed, the gentleman died, I was sad he took proper care of me and was a great man. We mourned for the man, his sons took over the charge now.
  • They were not as careful as the man was, they rarely water me. My leaves and branches began drying up, leaves shed, fruits died, I was becoming weak.
  • None of my gentleman’s family came to visit me for months. I heard people saying they have sold their lands and went to cities to start a new life.
  • I was devastated after I heard this news, I lost my family and was soon losing my small family.

Autobiography of the tree

Autobiography of the tree

  • Days passed and one day I saw a huge tractor along with some other machine and men reaching me and trying to cut me down. It was painful.
  • I cried, tried to make them understand, don’t destroy me, they didn’t listen.
  • I was dying and in the last moments of my life, I had a flash out the memory of all the beautiful years I had with the gentleman and his family, where I created my little world, saw the beautiful world, gave meaning to my life and provided shelter to the homeless.
  • After all that memory, Now I was also seeing the ugly side of the world, taking my life and my family of branches, leaves, flowers, and fruits away.


  • At the end of my life, I would thank God for the wonderful life filled with love and happiness, we are a source who can create a better existence for every form of life, animals, or human beings.

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