Bureaucratic Inefficiency in Economics

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Pratik asked 10 months ago

Bureaucratic Inefficiency in Economics

Bureaucratic Inefficiency in Economics


Bureaucracy comprised of the government of any country. The government can be a democratic, capitalist, socialist or a monarchy. Similarly, bureaucratic inefficiency means there is lack of efficiency by the government in the development or upliftment of the country.

Bureaucratic Inefficiency in Economics

  • Inefficiency in bureaucracy means the government lack efficiency in the proper functioning of the economy.
  • Bureaucratic inefficiency is a time when the current government is inefficient to handle the economy and is leading to severe impacts to disturb the economy.
  • It can result in the downfall of the current economy through inflation, hunger, unemployment, decrease in Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in the economy.


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Hmm buddy…. Feel sad to hear.

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