Coronavirus Emotional Sayari

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Ashok asked 12 months ago

Coronavirus Emotional Sayari

Coronavirus Emotional Sayari


Welcome to Question Clubs.

Question Mark with Question Club has received a request to provide Coronavirus Emotional Sayari.

The goal would be to reach a wider audience so we would write Sayari in both Hindi and English language.

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English Status


Why is the world behind, Is it due to crime,

Not Anymore Corona is in line.


Doctors and Nurses are all behind

Since, Corona is on our side.

Coronavirus Emotional Sayari

Clear the road, Shorten the line,

Maintain Space and Stay in a line.

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Theatres are closed, Gyms are closed

What to do next, Stay at Home and be enclosed.

I hope you like the Question Clubs efforts.

Kindly help the government and yourself by staying inside your house.

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Stay Home, Stay Safe.

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