10 easy ways to earn money Online

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10 Easy ways to Earn Money Online

Earn Money Online


What is best than working at home with some money in hand.

Questions Clubs would provide you with a detailed explanation of “How can you earn money online”?

Times have changed and so have methods to earn money online. You can earn money online with focused and constant effort.

Easy Ways to Earn Money Online

Earn Money Online


You can earn money online through writing a blog, make your website which is free as well as paid. You can go for a blogger that is a free version but you may take some time to grow your blog and its reach to the common people.

Another way is Word press which is the most commonly used platform for making free and easy website. You should follow some basic steps:-

Earn Money Online

  • Select Your Niche/Topic of your website
  • Have your Domain
  • You can get your domain through Go Daddy, Semrush, etc..
  • After your domain, you would require hosting service which can be provided through Go Daddy as well as many other famous Hosting services like Blue Host, Semrush, Hostinger, etc…
  • After all this, you are set to write about yourself and keep posting your blogs.
  • With some time, when you have a wider reach/audience you can apply for Google Ad-sense for monitoring your blogs into profit.

Content Writing

Earn Money Online

This method is an alternative to the above method of blogging.

Those who want to avoid blogging or making their website can go towards content writing. Content writing is an easy medium to earn money online instantly.

You can be a content writer for a website or can offer freelancing services to clients that would provide you with content writing opportunities.

You tuber

Earn Money Online

You might be aware of this medium, but let us explain and discuss them in detail.

Youtube caters mass audience where you can showcase your talent. You can open your channel and keep posting videos for the benefit of your audience. There are a lot of you tubers who earn after having sufficient recognition in the market and reach.

Whenever you open a video on YouTube there would be ads displaying beforehand, every click on that add would help the You Tuber to earn money online.

Go through the list of famous “You tuber” online you have millions of audience reach and are making money online.

Affiliate Marketing

Earn Money Online

Affiliate marketing can be done anywhere from your website to your social media platform. You can give an affiliate link on the social media platform and every purchase would provide you some short of earning through online.

Some of the many examples of affiliate marketing are Amazon, Snapdeal, Flipkart, Bluehost, Semrush, Grammarly, etc…

Online Courses

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Have you hear about Unacademy or Biju’s. Everyone has heard about these famous online courses where you get free as well as paid course that helps you make money online.

You can make your talent or specialty courses which you could offer a free demo and paid courses.

Sell Product/Services Online

Earn Money Online

You can sell your product online through making websites or various other social media platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, etc.

You can also sell your products on famous e-commerce online websites like Amazon, Alibaba, Myntra, etc.

Digital Marketing

Earn Money Online

As the name suggests money is been made online through digital media marketing as we all have become technologically aware and the whole world can be found online.

With the recent invention of smartphones, the internet, website, social media platform is at every hand and a daily routine of human beings.

Digital Marketing can be done through various social media platforms and other websites. People work for their clients to make their site popular and responsive to their website.

SEO Expert

Earn Money Online

Search Engine Optimization is a medium to improve the ranking of the website in Google and gain a wider audience and reach. SEO Expert works for their clients or company and make handsome money online.

Website Designer

Earn Money Online

You can make your website or you can hire someone to make your website.

Website Designer is a person who can earn money online by building the website and creating its reach to a wider audience.

The more credibility a website designer has the more project would be offered to him/her by different clients.

Stock Market trading

Earn Money Online

This one is different from the rest as nothing is involved with website development, writing content, and affiliate marketing.

The best and easy way to earn money online, only if you have proper Financial Knowledge as you all know it is subject to market risk. You can gain money or even lose money.

“Share market can make a poor man to a rich man or a rich man to a poor man.”

You can see various free videos related to Share Market on YouTube where you learn, try to gain financial knowledge, and then invest in shares.

There are various discount brokers online that would help you to make your account online and later invest through that broker to earn returns on your investment.


Earn Money Online

There are various methods through which you can make money online.

It is on you to decide which way suits you best and how you can evolve and learn through those methods.

Tip: – Every method mentioned above would take time, effort, and patience.

Build your profile, have knowledge of your field constant effort and patience. If you have all these in check, you would easily earn money online even when you are not working, the money will work and generate money.

Still have any questions, comment below and let us know your questions on earning money online.

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