Good Friday 2020

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Good Friday 2020

Good Friday 2020

Hello Readers,

Why is ‘Good Friday’ called ‘Good Friday’?

Good Friday is celebrated every year, on Friday before Easter. On this day, Jesus, the Son of God was crucified and later, he died. How can the day when Jesus died, known as good, as it should be the darkest day of the history? How is it known as “Good”?

Good Friday 2020

Good is been described in a different context with respect to ‘Good Friday’

Jesus who died during ‘Holy Week’, Friday preceding Easter Sunday and that day also coincided with the Jewish observance Pesach. Good Friday is also known as Black Friday, Great Friday and Holy Friday.

Images on Good Friday 2020

Here are a few of the images that can keep you motivated and accustomed to Jesus. Share it with your family, friends and colleagues.

Good Friday 2020

‘Bring positive vibes with Jesus’

‘Live your life with good cause and morals’

Good Friday is celebrated every year based on the Gregorian and Julian Calendars. This year it will be celebrated on 10th April, 2020.

Good Friday 2020

How is ‘Good Friday’ Celebrated?

Good Friday 2020

Good Friday is celebrated unlike Christmas by mourning the day Jesus died, remembering the painful crucification. As we must have heard, Jesus died for our sins.

Different groups have different ideology in celebrating Good Friday.

Roman Catholic

  •  The roman catholic church and it’s group consider to keep fast on ‘Good Friday’ and also consider this day as ‘Holy Saturday.’
  • They do not preach any other form of celebration, the only people who are allowed to celebrate are people who are suffering from Sickness, Baptism, and Penance.
  • No bells are rung before Easter Vigil.
  • An Official Robe is worn of red or black color.
  • The time frame(Noon to 3 pm) in which Jesus died is practiced as ‘Three Hour Agony’
  • Liturgical is followed as per three parts:-the Liturgy of the Word, the Veneration of the Cross, and Holy Communion.

Good Friday 2020 

Eastern and Oriental Orthodox

  •  Eastern and Oriental Orthodox consider ‘Good Friday’ as ‘Great Friday
  • The sacrifice of bread and wine is not considered.
  • Traditional clothes are not practiced and basically they prefer to wear a black official robe.
  • practicing ‘Holy Friday’ or ‘Great Friday’

Anglican Communion

  • Book of Common Prayer is preached where Consumption of bread and wine is held one day prior to ‘Good Friday’
  • Seven Last Words from the Cross is practiced.
  • The ‘Three-hour service’ where liturgical services are held, is normal in the Protestant Church and North American churches.

5 Famous Teachings of ‘Good Friday’

  1. Jesus was human.
  2. Suffering is not due to sin.
  3. Physical Suffering is a part of our life.
  4. Emotional Suffering is a part of our life.
  5. Suffering is not the end.


Good Friday 2020
Good Friday 2020

‘Good Friday’ has a message for all of us, teaching the meaning of life.

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May God bless with more Knowledge & Grace to understand, and preach the teachings of Jesus.

In this Good Friday, when you will pay a visit to Jesus, open up your heart. Jesus will listen to you and you will not feel alone. Your pain and suffering will lessen with Jesus.

God believes in truth. Your truth would be heard and you may receive a solution to your pain and suffering.

Jesus thrives for the love people give him, he died for our sins to give us a new life. Give meaning to your life.

Good Friday would be good to people who speak with their hearts.

Wish you all prosperous and happy Good Friday. Your learnings and teachings are your blessings.

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