How can we prevent coronavirus?

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How can we prevent Coronavirus?

How can we prevent Coronavirus?

Question Clubs will discuss about “How can we prevent Coronavirus?”Coronavirus is the most deadly disease in the present world. The world is suffering from Coronavirus including lakhs of people all over the world. In this tough situation, Question Clubs have decided to answer the question of “How can we prevent Coronavirus?”

United States of America is leading the chart of infected cases with more than 2 Lakh people. Italy, the second-largest country affected by Coronavirus with more than 1 lakh people is struggling to curb this disease.

First Case of Coronavirus

Coronavirus had it’s beginning from a food market in China and slowly, it spread to the most powerful countries of the world.

The number of infected cases has now reached around 9,24,886 people worldwide, total death case is around 46, 375 and the people who have recovered from Coronavirus are 1,93,431.

Each day, the number of infected persons is increasing and also people dying due to this deadly disease of Coronavirus.

In these hard times, we need to come out of ways to prevent ourselves from Coronavirus.

Let’s find out with Question Clubs on “How can we prevent Coronavirus?”

10 Effective Ways to prevent from Coronavirus

How can we prevent Coronavirus?

Wash Your Hands

Generate a habit of washing hands constantly through soap and water.  You must wash your hands for at least 20 seconds. Germs are in constant touch with our hands and we need to keep it clean to prevent ourselves from harmful Coronavirus.

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Maintain Social Distancing

  • Everyone is requested to maintain social distancing with each-other, maintain a distance of 1 meter from each other.
  • Avoid visiting crowded places and do not touch anyone near you or the people around you.
  • Avoid social gathering
  • Abstain from enjoying any festival in the crowd.

Decline Touching

Do not touch your eyes, mouth, nose or face constantly when your hands look dirty.  It may lead to the spread of Coronavirus early, if infected with the virus. Stop shaking hands and practice verbal ‘Hello’, ‘Hi’ or ‘Namaste.’ Abstain from any physical touch with the surroundings and people.

Protection Mask

How can we prevent Coronavirus?

Protect yourself from high-quality protection mask. Cover yourself with a face mask to avoid germs whenever you are out of your house. Prevention is always better than cure. Protection Mask is your prevention towards Corona.

Develop Your immunity

  • Develop your immunity to fight Coronavirus effectively. You can develop your immunity by consuming leafy vegetables, fruits, Vitamin C sources of food.
  • Have a healthy drinking of warm water throughout the day.
  • Consume milk and essential nutrients to fight any virus and develop your immunity.

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Develop Healthy Habits

How can we prevent Coronavirus?

You should preach healthy home habits which can lead you to prevent from Coronavirus:-

  • Use of  sanitizer frequently
  • Bathing regularly two times a day
  • Cleaning your house with sanitizer
  • Washing your clothes every day
  • Wearing hand gloves while going out of the house.


If situations are tense in your area, isolate yourself in your house. Avoid coming out and prefer to stay indoors. Visit local stores in case of emergency of household needs with proper protection of face mask and hand gloves.

Stay away from infected people

How can we prevent Coronavirus?

If you see anyone sneezing around you, stay away from that person and suggest him/her to visit doctor urgently. Stay away from people infected from cold, fever and any other disease. If you feel sick visit your nearby clinic immediately.

Report cases immediately

  • If you have any information regarding anyone who is infected or has symptoms of Coronavirus, report to the regulatory authority.
  • Register it to hospitals, police or any helpline number in your area.
  • Aware your surroundings about the case and be protected.

Meditation or Yoga

How can we prevent Coronavirus?
How can we prevent Coronavirus?
  • Yoga can cure many diseases and can even lead to developing your immunity system.
  • Practice meditation regularly each day.
  • Yoga should be focused on breathing exercises which can help you in preventing as well as fighting Coronavirus.

This is the call for the hour, we need to protect each other from Coronavirus.


Question Clubs respect all the doctors and nurses fighting with Coronavirus.

Human beings should come together to coordinate with the government, follow the rules and regulations and prevent each other from Coronavirus.

Through following all the above measures, we could answer the question “How can we prevent Coronavirus?”

We are united against this deadly disease. Let’s fight back.

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Stay at Home, Stay protected, Stay Healthy.

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