How to deal with a heartbreak?

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How to deal with a heartbreak?

How to deal with a heartbreak?

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Question Clubs will discuss in greater detail about “How to deal with a heartbreak?”

Believe in yourself and you can deal with your heartbreak.

Mostly everyone has gone through this phase of life known as heartbreak. We hear many love story around us, where there is a common scenario:-

  1. Once upon a time there where a boy and a girl, it was love at first sight. They met and had a conversation on their likes and dislikes.
  2. They were on the first stage & started to develop a liking towards each other.
  3. Love was in the air, they where happy, holding hands with a dream of growing old together.
  4. Yes, not every love story is love, at first sight, it can be various sources through which a boy and the girl met, it can be through friends, school, college, and the most recent online dating.
  5. There would be a possibility they where friends first and later develop liking and the cycle goes on. Stories can be different for each couple but there is always a story.
  6. Love is the purest feeling both the individual feel towards each other, they would go beyond level or lie to be with each other, talking to each other and being with your partner is the best feeling at that point in time.
  7. When we hear love story they state they have a happy ending as they are now married and living happily with each other.

Well, that is the nice part of the love story, but what if things don’t work out, and the couple have parted ways. What next “How to deal with the heartbreak?”

Question Clubs

No one talks about that, whom do we express what we are facing, many people are heartbroken but they don’t share about it with anyone since. Why?

Many people would not understand and make fun of it or they don’t trust anyone their story.

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7 Ways to deal with your Heartbreak.

How to deal with the heartbreak?

  1. You need to express yourself to someone, so that they can hear you out with patience and advise you what you should do next. That person can only be someone who really cares about you, your family or your best friend.
  2. If you are not comfortable with both the options, you can consult a psychiatrist. No we are not saying you are mad, but only that you need to express yourself to someone and a psychiatrist can help you with your heartbreak.
  3. Take yoga classes or meditation classes, go out on a random trip with your friends and if your friends are not available, go out alone. You need to feel happiness once again, discover yourself.
  4. Heartbreak is not the end of your life, the sooner you understand, the better. Life is full of opportunities, think positively maybe you are not fit together, you would not work out as a family. It’s better it came out now, if it would have gone further it would have created further damage to you.
  5. Listen to good music, do things that do not remind you of your partner. There is always a thought that “If God has created you, there might be someone out in the world, who is waiting for you to be his partner”.
  6. Having a better approach to your life is essential. You would learn through your heartbreak and come out as a stronger and better human being. You can learn from your past mistakes, analyze a person better, things always happen for good.
  7. Stay happy as life is beautiful, if you have the vision to look at your life. Heartbreak can be a chapter of your life and not the end of your life, “Picture Abhi Baki hai mere dost.”


Question Clubs hope we are able to answer your question on “How to deal with the heartbreak?”

Heartbreak is a phase of life, which will pass sooner or later, some people deal with it in a lesser time and some take more time.

Question Clubs have discussed in greater detail about “How to deal with a heartbreak?” broken heart, 7 ways to deal with heartbreak, How to deal with a heartbreak?

Love yourself and then there would be a person who would love you for what you are as a person.

Question Clubs wish you a Happy Life with few heartbreaks. 


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