Sad 6 Alarming hurdles with Indian parents and society!!

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Hurdles with Indian parents and society !!!

Indian Parents

Hello Everyone,

To start with what is wrong with Indian parents and society, let me begin to start beginning with a story:-

There was a girl, she gained some sense of life by the age of 11 years. She was in 6th standard, her Indian parents had always taught her in the best school in the area. They wanted their children to study harder and make their successful career.

Does it sound wrong?

Definitely not, well they gave her all the basic needs for her to grow and make her career.

Alarming hurdles with Indian parents and society!! – Question Clubs

Problems with Indian parents and society

Indian Parents

  • Constant household chores.
  • She had to work at the age of 11 because if she doesn’t she would be bitten or not even given food.
  • The process of chores and not given food is still persistent at the age of 26.
  • Her mother used to complain every day to her father about how she was not doing her household work properly, her dad mostly ignored and someday out of frustration started beating the girl for not listening or not working properly.
  • The girl had periods but she could tell her mom because she was never good to her, she learned about periods through her friends.
  • In the 10th standard, the girl wanted to score above 90% but could manage only 80%. Her parents were devastated and scolded her again for not performing well.
  • She saw her parents fight almost every other day, scream at each other and sometimes even physical violence. 

Indian Parents

  • The same thing was persistent when she was in the 12th standard and could not obtain up to her parents’ expectations.
  • After 12th, she tried her hands at being a CA failed for 5 marks again had to go through torture and insult through her parents.
  • She had an elder brother who she had many fights with that even went to physical violence many times.
  • One day she decided to leave the house after her brother had beaten her, and her mother was telling his son to beat her more for what she deserves.
  • She left the house, walked alone for a while on the road with people staring at her all alone. She met a lady who saw her crying and took her to her own house, asked her what happened to make her understand that don’t worry they are your parents, things will be alright. Go back to your house. 
  • She went back to her house where her dad later said why did you leave the house, your brother only beat you, what is the big deal? You are not dead?
  • She decided that day she will never tie rakhi to her brother’s hand as he doesn’t deserve it. Rakhi is a symbol that a brother gives to her sister to protect her and not to beat her.
  • Time flies she was in love, wanted to marry a person from another caste. That was a huge deal for her parents.
  • Her mother accused her of being a whore and that she was a curse to her family and she had brought shame to the family. 

Indian Parents

Well the fight is still continuing between the girl and her Indian parents, where the girl does not want to hurt her Indian parents and will not at all leave the boy.

  1. What should she do?

  2. Why is society so important than your child?

  3. Why can’t she make her own life decision to choose her life partner?Indian Parents

  4. Why is there a myth that if parents raise their child and fulfill their needs, children should agree to accept whatever the parents are deciding with their life? 

  5. When will the mindset of parents change?

  6. Why is the relationship between the girl and her parents so complicated?

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Kindly provide answers to the question otherwise life will always remain complicated for both the Indian parents and their children.

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