Top 7 Intense Questions on Mahabharata that should not be missed!!!

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Questions on Mahabharata

Questions on Mahabharata



What do I hate about Mahabharata?

I don’t think there is any good or bad side in Mahabharata. Both sides had their flaws.

Yes, there is a difference between too bad and too good. 

This may be a big statement for all the religious devotees of Mahabharata but it is just an opinion that I felt after analyzing and understanding the story.

Questions on Mahabharata

From childhood we are aware of two mythological stories Ramayana and Mahabharata. We have learned that the good side always wins over on the bad side. Well, that was Childhood now, I am an adult having my thoughts and views. These are a few questions on Mahabharata that are purely on a subjective basis.

These thoughts are out of my pain that I felt after watching and listening to that era and I am happy I was not born in that era.

Questions on Mahabharata

Questions on Mahabharata

Respectable people

Hastinapur had great people like Kulguru Kripacharya, Ganga’s son Bhishma, Teacher Dronacharya, King Dhritarashtra, Mahamantri Vidur. How can they be respectable?

They saw a woman who was molested in front of them and they were unable to stop that hideous crime. Yes, a few constantly raised questions and asked the king to stop the gambling. What was the result?



Not only the respectable people but also the 5 Pandavas who were always on a good side, taught the country about the right and the wrong acts. How can they justify their wife’s vastraharan? Why had no one of the brother’s revolted against gambling? 

Questions on Mahabharata

Why didn’t Bheem and Arjun stand against their elder brother and the rest of them and avoid Draupadi’s vastraharan in front of the world? Why didn’t they utter a word when Yudhister lost them in gambling?

Will you say out of respect, you can’t question your elder brother. Does that make sense?



Questions on Mahabharata

The bravest of them was Draupadi, still, I do not completely agree with all her steps. Why didn’t she left her husband who lost her on gambling? Why did she insult Duryodhan?

Ok, people make mistakes and she insulted Duryodhan but there is a difference between crime and mistake. Dhusahsan was trying to undress her in front of all the people in Hastinapur. How was that allowed?

I know we are all human beings where everyone makes mistakes. But there should be a difference between mistakes and crime.

What are we supposed to learn from Mahabharata?



I don’t feel like talking about Duryodhana and that side, because we all h*te him. Lord Krishna has briefly discussed the Adharma that he had done and its outcome. I want to talk about the good side, which is no longer a good side and maybe a debatable side. 

Questions on Mahabharata


I think that Dharma is subjective to the person writing that story.

How can you say Yudhister was a Dharmraj person?

A person who can lose his brothers and wife to gambling. How can he was called Dharmraj? What rules did he make? What I saw, I can see that his Dharma was always favorable to Duryodhana and the same rules did not apply to his brothers and wife. Why was he called great? Why did heaven open doors for only Yudhister and the rest died on the way?

Yudhister was the person due to which Pandavas had to suffer since childhood, when bheem was given poison during childhood by Duryodhana, he said to keep quiet. Why?

“There is a saying that a person who does wrong is at fault but the person who bears that wrongdoing is too at fault.”

Dharma, good and bad are all terms made by people who cannot justify their definition of what is a good and honorable person?

Questions on Mahabharata



The great Bhishma, Why was the pratigya so important that he can even watch a woman being undressed in front of him.

Questions on Mahabharata

If he would have stood against Duryodhan and changed the history. I would have respected him because no one could stand against him if he would have taken a stand for Draupadi and stopped Duryodhan and Dhusashan.

Questions on Mahabharata


Why did the teacher did not stop his students Dhoryodhan and Dhusashan? What was the reason that he did not question? What pratigya did he took? I have heard of no pratigya that was binding to him or any other reason that he had to be on the bad side or Adharma side.


Do you remember his words that “Dhraupadi is a wh*re.” People call be kind(Dhanvir Karna) and honorable man. Really? How can he be respectable?

He was one of the Questions on Mahabharata that was never raised.

I would also object to the rest of the people who were present at that time, watching the hideous crime and no one tried to stop it except Lord Krishna. 

The whole court was filled with coward people who can see their daughter-in-law in such a miserable condition.

Few Takings

Questions on Mahabharata

Questions on Mahabharata

I have a few learnings from Mahabharata.

Was women respectable? 

Neither in that era nor in this era women’s respect is debatable.

Being a woman, you need to protect yourself from all the evil eyes or wait for Lord Krishna to protect you, which I doubt will work in the current century. 

Questions on Mahabharata

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I feel sad about “How the elders use to treat their young ones?” (Yudhister hypocrisy towards his brother and wife)

Give respect to the person who deserves to be respected, not due to his achievement or age but through his stand on the wrong situations. 

All the Questions on Mahabharata are raised and all the comments are encouraged below on your thoughts and views, we may have a difference in opinion but can try to understand each other point of view.


Questions on Mahabharata

Questions on Mahabharata

Everything mentioned here is on a purely subjective basis it was not meant to dishonor anyone or hurt anyone’s feelings.

It was an opinion made by a hurt person and I felt to raise some Questions on Mahabharata and open up my mind on the epic Mahabharata. 

Thank you and Regards

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