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Sad Love Status to feel your Pain!!!

Sad Love Status
Sad Love Status


Love doesn’t always have a happy ending, you are lucky to find your true love in the first go but many people have to go through various bad relations to find out one deserving, or maybe you can’t even find your true love for the rest of your life.

Everyone might have gone through the phase or maybe going through the phase of breakup, divorce, complicated, etc.. status in your life.

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Everyone knows the beautiful feeling of Love but are they aware of the feeling of heartbreak or the pain when your heart is broken? The best person who can feel the pain of a broken person is the person who has already gone through this feeling.

Sad Love Status

We feel the pain and have come up with a few of Sad Love Status to help you out with your troubles and empathize with you in your pain.

Share these lovely quotes or Sad Love Status with your friend or anyone around who is suffering from this pain and we can tell them, they are not alone in this fight. The whole world is facing complicated relationships which are unbearable to understand.

Sad Love Status

Sad Love Status
Sad Love Status
  1. My heart was not a token to be broken.

  2. You promised me stars and after a few years, you were the one who gave me scars.

  3. You left me without giving a reason, Don’t come back in any season.

  4. Life is uncertain as the person who gave me happiness is now the reason for my sadness.

  5. I have not spoken since the day my heart was broken.Sad Love Status

  6. You said I was your one priority then why do you now show your authority.

  7. You said you care then why do you have an affair.

  8. You are known but still why do I feel alone.

  9. We had a breakup and I found out you already had a backup.

  10. You left me and they called you a stud, I chose another and they called me a sl*t.

    Sad Love Status
    Sad Love Status
  11. You were my first love and I may not be in your last list.

  12. You made me a different person by breaking my heart and living it apart.

  13. I made you my inner layer and you turn out to be a player.

  14. A broken heart can’t be mended or cured.

  15. Where did you hide your heart, when my heart was ready for you to guide.Sad Love Status

  16. I feel nothing as my heart is no longer pumping.

  17. You are my favorite actor/actress, acted your love, and promises only to be a hit in the start and a flop in the end.

  18. Love gave me life and it also took my life.

  19. Your every promise was meant to be broken.

  20. Why did you break my heart, why did you tear it apart? Sad Love Status

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Final Lovely Words

You might be broken but you can be mended if you dare to fight and decide to move on with your life.

Life is a series of different chapters where one goes and another comes to the rescue. Don’t stop loving people and more important to love yourself.

Sad Love Status
Sad Love Status

Love must be spread to let your heart fled.

Love can only be felt and no one can describe it in words the pain and suffering of a heartbroken person. Kindly share your opinion and views on our Sad Love Status and if you feel anything to be added or removed, you are most welcome.

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