Top 10 free Podcast applications for android

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What is a Podcast?

Top 10 free Podcast applications for android.

Top 10 free Podcast applications for android.

Podcast is a content that is in the form of audio. There is a voice recording of your content and that is uploaded at a platform that will reach the masses. You can record your voice providing your expertise and the world can hear your thoughts and views. You can simply understand it as it’s your own personal Radio Station.

Podcasts will also help you to listen to your personalized experts and leaders based on your listening habits and interest. You can either make your podcast or listen to the popular and interesting podcasts.

How can you start your Podcast?

There are some free as well as paid platform where you can start your Podcast. Record your voice with your content of interest which can motivate and be a source of learning for others. Your expertise can also generate profit for you based on your viewers and the expansion of your podcasts.

Top 10 free Podcast applications for android

Top 10 free Podcast applications for android.


The easiest and the effortless way to make a podcast. Anchor is free as compared to other paid podcasts and the most popular platform. Anchor has various features that would drive your attention. Anchor provides you with unlimited free hosting, one-click distribution, earning through podcast, podcast with friends, record from anywhere and straightforward analytics.

Ratings about a particular platform build our confidence. After checking out the ratings, I am sure you would consider it as your choice.


Podbean is free and would help you to get new users and wider traffic. if you are a new podcaster and have no idea about podcasting, Podbean would guide you to make your content and generate profit and people interested to listen to your content. It will customize your needs of a lock screen, Amazon Alexa, Android Auto and Chromecast Support.

Top 10 free Podcast applications for android.


Top 10 free Podcast applications for android.

Are you looking for a free, user-friendly, clean and a customized playlist? If yes, we have Castbox for all your choices in one place. Castbox is one of the most popular podcast applications that you can use as an option to look forward with no adds. this platform is ad-free which makes it more attractive to users.

Castbox also features Amazon Echo and Chromecast for your additional listening options. Castbox would provide you with streaming episodes that can be downloaded for offline purposes.

Google Podcasts

Yes, Google has also made its presence in Podcasts. Google podcasts are relatively new and had a rough stage in the beginning, but it is still connected to provide users with various amazing features like offline listening, user- friendly approach in listening to one and pausing other podcasts and the best Google Analytics.

Pocket Casts

Top 10 free Podcast applications for android.

Pocket Casts presently is a free application with a discretionary membership cost. Pocket casts have various famous features including a lot of playback highlights, cross-device syncing and many more.

Pocket Casts is an audio podcast that you can look forward to getting engaged.

Podcast Go

Podcast Go is yet another platform to get your customized listening, subscribe, speed playback, language setup and more. Podcast  Go is one of the leading available Podcasts for your needs.

Top 10 free Podcast applications for android.

Top 10 free Podcast applications for android

Podcast Addict

You would love Podcast Addict if you are looking for customization of your needs. You might take some time to go through the functions, but after you are aware you will be well-versed with the application.

Top 10 free Podcast applications for android.

The support system of Podcast Addict is fast and helpful which can lead to discussion of opportunities.


Top 10 free Podcast applications for android.

You must have heard about Spotify. That’s one of the best application when it comes to listening to trending music at any time and any language. Spotify has also made its presence in podcast. It may have fewer podcasts available as compared to some other established podcast.

Top 10 free Podcast applications for android.

why not have a look and decide whether you should opt for Spotify?


Stitcher is a free podcast which you can listen in your iPhone, Android, PC, tablet, Amazon Echo device and also in your car. You just have to Sign In to check an interesting podcast available at stitcher.

TuneIn Radio

TuneIn Radio, as the name suggests its major focus is on live radio. Podcaster can look for this platform and can learn from the established podcaster. Due to its worldwide presence, it would increase its presence and you might get an opportunity to develop your expertise.

Stay tuned with TuneIn Radio for listening to podcasts and music.


Top 10 free Podcast applications for android.

Now you would have several options through which you can choose your Podcast. Different users would have different experience of their podcast.

It is always better to believe in your own experience.

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