Top 4 Health problems through mobile addiction

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Top 4 Health problems through mobile addiction

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             Health problems through mobile addiction is a question posted on the web that whether there is any health problem through mobile addiction?

This question has remained unanswered, so Question Clubs thought to throw some light to this discussion:-

               Nowadays we are so addicted to our phone that we cannot live without it, even for some time. We wake up in the morning by checking our daily whats-app messages, FB notification, Instagram, etc… and we sleep with our phone once again repeating the same activity.

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Top 4 Health problems through mobile addiction

Top 4 Health problems through mobile addiction.


Yes, there would be health problems due to Mobile addiction.


Go through a few of the reasons mentioned:-

  • Harmful radiations

Mobile phones generally carry radiation which can affect our body in the long run. Sleeping with a mobile phone beside our head is a wrong practice that should be stopped immediately. To know more stay tuned with

  • Hazardous situation

Mobile phones can lead us to many hazardous situations like, in case of traffic when we think that there is a red signal, so we take out our mobile phone to check updates. If suddenly there is a green light, we hurry to move forward which may lead to the risk of your life as well as others.

Top 4 Health problems through mobile addiction

Many people while driving are caught speaking on a mobile phone, people walking on the street and talking on the phone without taking care of vehicle crossing. This is one kind of health hazard putting your life to danger.

  • Germs Alert

While having an addiction through mobile phones, you are prone to germs as you might not wash your hands regularly and the dust on the mobile phone is not properly cleaned. These germs can enter your skin, or remain on the skin causing infections in joints, bones, lungs, heart and wounds.

  • Vision issue

Mobile phone addiction can lead to an increase in the number of spectacles, if not having specs can lead you to having one. Usage of mobile continuously for more than 6-8 hours can create issues like redness in eyes, strain in eyes, body pain, etc..


                Leave the mobile phone aside for some time and spend time with your family, travel with them, take hobbies or sports which would improve your health and maintain your body.

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