Fall in Love with 50 Best Whatsapp Love Quotes

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Fall in Love with 50 Best Whatsapp Love Quotes 

Fall in Love with 50 Best Whatsapp Love Quotes

Importance of Love

Why is love so important?

Have you ever given this a thought? 

Well, most of us would know why love is so important. Love is a pure feeling that comes through the soul of a person. A soul can never give a wrong or bad feeling about a person. Love can never be fake or lie, though some people can easily fake love.

Let’s exclude them in this discussion.

Without love, there would be no existence of human beings.

Fall in Love with 50 Best Whatsapp Love Quotes

With changing times, people perceive love in different meanings and values. Some people would consider love does not persist and some belief without it the world could not exist.

 Who would win? Comment below and let us know your thoughts on Fall in Love with 50 Best Whatsapp Love Quotes.


How do you know if someone loves you?

Fall in Love with 50 Best Whatsapp Love Quotes

The way the person looks at you, cares for you, scolds at times, loves many times, inspires you, fights with you but still cannot live without you.

Yes! You are lucky to find your Love.

50 Best Whatsapp Love Quotes

  1. Love can’t be forced, it can only be explored.
  2. Love has no boundaries either in the heart or in life.
  3. Cupid was asked what is heaven? The heart which is filled with love is heaven.
  4. Love is taking a few extra efforts to be always together.                                                Fall in Love with 50 Best Whatsapp Love Quotes
  5. Love is like a butterfly that flies according to its will, sits wherever it feels comfortable, and gets the flavor of the flowers.
  6. When your eyes are shy to a person and you have a smile while looking at the person, maybe you are in Love. 
  7. When hate prevails, then only love has the power to open the gates.
  8. Love is the emotion that has the power to overcome all other emotions of human life.
  9. I was looking for my love in the crowd, and I saw the love was already looking at me with awe.
  10. Love can not be defined, it can only be found.                                                                                                              Read More on Best Whatsapp Love Quotes
  11. My whole life ended with finding love. How foolish I was unable to see the love was right within me.
  12. Love is on the grounds of trust and reliance.
  13. The function of the heart is to pump blood and to find someone who can make it easier for the heart. 
  14. Accept love with an open heart and it will welcome you with immense joy.Fall in Love with 50 Best Whatsapp Love Quotes
  15. Life with love is like tea and a cup has to be served together.
  16. Don’t worry about your breakup, it is a start of a new beginning.
  17. What is gone is better gone for the benefit of your Good.
  18. Promises should never be broken. Similarly, love cannot be shaken in front of the world.
  19. Love may be hard to find but it’s worth the efforts.
  20. Give me your pain and I will give you my Love to heal your pain.
  21. The person who has never loved anyone would be the most unfortunate one.
  22. Love is the medium of existence for God and it’s creation. (Whatsapp love quotes)
  23. Everyone makes mistakes but correcting those mistakes is love.
  24. There may be pain or gain in love as a coin with two sides.
  25. “I Love You” can be the beginning as well as the end of any life.                                                                                                           

    Fall in Love with 50 Best Whatsapp Love Quotes
    “Best suited quotes for your Love”
  26. The time spent with you was one of the most memorable moments of my life.
  27. I cannot tell you How much “I Love You”, but I can promise that my love for you will last forever.
  28. The day you understood me was the day, I thought you are the only person with whom, I would love to grow old.
  29. When I think about Love, you are the one that occupies my mind.
  30. The only person I can think of is you, My love.
  31. My life without you is a body without a heart.
  32. The day I met you was the best day of my life.
  33. You are the best decision of my life. (Whatsapp love quotes)
  34. Hold my hand to cross the ups and downs of life together with dividing the good and the sad phase of our beautiful life.Fall in Love with 50 Best Whatsapp Love Quotes
  35. I have a life partner that has a part of my life.
  36. When I found you, I found the lost part of my life.
  37. I was born alone but as you are on my side, I won’t end up my life alone.
  38. The day I met you, I started to believe that true love exists. (Whatsapp love quotes)
  39. I can’t promise you happiness all the time but I can promise to be happy with you all the time.
  40. The only thing that I always want is to see love in your eyes for me forever.
  41. I can fight but in my life I cannot leave you out of my sight.
  42. I may be imperfect for you but my love for you will try to be perfect. 
  43. My heart was no longer mine, it wandered for you to come and be mine.Fall in Love with 50 Best Whatsapp Love Quotes
  44. When I am sad, hold my hand and tell me everything will be fine.
  45. There would be a time I will not be in line but only your love can make me fine.
  46. The only pain that will hurt me is my life without you. (Whatsapp love quotes)
  47. If you take one step forward, I promise I can carry our life forward.
  48. Kindly take care of my heart because my heart is no longer mine, it’s yours.
  49. I was unsure about what love is until I met you.
  50. You treat me like no one has ever done it before.


Fall in Love with 50 Best Whatsapp Love Quotes

Love is a feeling that you can always feel and withhold with you for the rest of your life.

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Fall in Love with 50 Best Whatsapp Love Quotes

Let’s bring a smile to those lovely people who have stolen your heart.

There is no instrument to let you know the magnitude of love. Love can’t be measured in quantity or quality. The only way that can help you determine love is through respect, care, feelings, and emotions.

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