Why is Italy so badly affected by Coronavirus?

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Why is Italy so badly affected by Coronavirus?

Why is Italy so badly affected by Coronavirus?

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Reasons behind Coronavirus spread in Italy 

  • “Why is Italy so badly affected by Coronavirus?”Italy was unable to notice the spread of Coronavirus that has already occurred.
  • Coronavirus was undetected by the time, there have already reached lots of transmission chains.
  • In under a month, Italy has gone from having just three cases of Coronavirus to the highest number of cases in the world after China.

Starting state of Coronavirus in Italy

  • Coronavirus had its first presence when a 38-year-old person registered himself with a clinic in Lombardy. He was infected with Coronavirus.
  • Researchers say that it was before this man tested positive that Italy was under the spread of the coronavirus. 
  • “This happened right when we were having our pinnacle of flu and individuals were giving flu indications.”
  • “Why is Italy so badly affected by Coronavirus?”, Before the main case was accounted for, there was a high number of pneumonia cases recorded at a medical clinic in Codogno in Northern Italy.
  • Officials facilitating these patients could have become destinations for contamination, multiplying the spread of the infection. 
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High Cases of Suspect and death

  • Italy was unable to detect the virus in the first hand, it spread to high cases of suspect and death.
  • Italy has already tested more than 42, 000 people leading it to be more adverse results.

Government actions in Italy

  • The government of Italy is requesting its people to stay indoors.
  • They have come up with bold steps to curb the spread of Coronavirus.
  • Schools, colleges, gym, theater, public spaces have been closed. 
  • Residents breaking the rules would be penalized and maybe arrested up-to 3 months in jail.
  • People are restricted to travel within the boundaries of the country and also visiting other countries.

Why is Italy so badly affected by Coronavirus?

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“Why is Italy so badly affected by Coronavirus?”

Learning from the outbreak in Italy

Stay Safe
Stay Safe, Stay Healthy.
  • The severe situation in Italy is an example for the rest of the country to stay indoors.
  • Governments need to take action before the spread of Coronavirus is beyond reach. 
  • Countrymen should understand its implications and follow government rules and spread the word.
  • Keep health hygiene, maintain social distance, report to the clinics if you are facing any sign of Coronavirus.
  • Have a regular checkup, Stay Safe.


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