Is it OK to Answer a Question with a Question?

Is it OK to Answer a Question with a Question?



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Is it OK to Answer a Question with a Question?

Yes, it is absolutely OK to answer a question with another question. Though, people usually consider this practice a wrong one but it is absolutely OK to question a question.

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Doing well with your questions. What should you do if you feel that someone demeans you to ask a question?

Is it OK to Answer a Question with a Question?

It is not a bad practice. In-fact, in the current world we lack people who can accept a question with another question.

Your curiosity is a good sign. a curious one always gets their answers. Question each day even to a question, if it satisfy you to get your desired answers.

Is it OK to Answer a Question with a Question?

Well in our society where it may sound rude to some of the elders if you answer a question with a question. It is generally considered as disrespect when you do not answer a question and instead question them with a question.

Don’t worry, you are allowed to be yourself and question, they may answer or they may not. If they do not answer you, it means you might be making sense and they might not have its answer.

Some of the reasons behind objection by people:-

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  • Society generally do not tolerate younger one questioning their knowledge.
  • There is a mindset that if you are young and you ask questions it is better to answer a question and not question a question.
  • Myth prevailing in the society which does not encourage people to question after asking a question.
  • There are expectations from the children or the younger ones to listen more than questioning as young ones do not have experience than the one teaching them, who are generally experienced and knowledgeable person.
  • People shut out questions where they generally do not have answers to a question.
  • Sometimes when you question they think that it is a stupid question and they shut you out to ask such stupid questions.
  • When a person questions another person’s question, they may take it on ego or a matter of self-respect and criticize you for asking a question to their question.
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Reasons behind asking Question to a Question

  • Asking question to a question is absolutely OK, you should not think that you are disrespecting anyone or questioning someone.
  • Asking a question instead of answering a question is absolutely normal when you still have questions about that question.
  • Asking questions is generally a good practice but asking questions to a question signifies you are alert, have a mental capability to think, and have a doubt instead to ask another question to that question.
  • You can politely say them that you have a doubt and you are ready to answer a question after clearance of your doubt to give a better answer.
  • The more you question, it would broaden your knowledge and sharpen the ability of your mind.
  • It is the way you look at this situation, if you care about people or you are scared you should avoid asking questions. If you need to answer the question by getting further details don’t hesitate to ask more questions.
  • The outcome is to get an answer to the question so, it is ok to ask a question to that question that requires an answer.
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