Mobile Companies in India

Top 7 Tempting Mobile Companies in India



Mobile Companies in India is a leading sector for top manufacturer and many of the big giants are diversifying their business into the telecom sector.

Do you have a mobile phone?

Who ask a question like this in 2020, now the question arises is Can I have your Mobile Number?

Mobile is an object that is no longer a mobile phone for calling but a lifeline for many human beings. If not, ask the person to stay without their phone for one day.

Mobile Companies in India

Times have changed from mobile being a luxury now it is a necessity for every adult or a teenager. Mobiles are now known as smartphones where we store our data of contacts, pictures, messages, chat, notes, calendars, etc… You name it and every utility is now in your hand.

The number of mobile companies in any country is constantly increasing. Many business consider the telecom sector as the leading generation needs as well a constant demand for innovation and features.

Market Share of Mobile Companies

The Mobile Companies in India are also constantly raising its production and supply towards the growing needs of the customers. Customers are now constantly demanding on the latest version of smartphones and innovation of new features. Mobile phones have replaced camera needs in the market.

You would have heard about few mobile companies promising the best camera quality. There are few companies that provide the best feature phone with the least cost in the market gaining significant market share in the country.

Mobile Companies in India

The above chart specifies the market share of Mobile Companies in India for the year 2020. The chart represents that Xiaomi and Vivo phones are leading the market through the quality of their product. Samsung which was a leading mobile company have a reduced market share as compared to Vivo phones.

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Leading Mobile Companies in India

We would further discuss in a greater detail about the Top 10 Mobile Companies in India.

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The leading Mobile Company in India which the largest market share in the Indian Market. Xiaomi is the latest trend that the market follow due to its quality product as a cheaper rate as compared to their competitors.

Xiaomi is a Chinese manufacturing companies with roots of its business since 2010 and is currently leading the China, India, Japan and many other countries market.

Mobile Companies in India

You would see a Xiaomi phone is almost many of the household sector. Indeed we are also a customer of Xiaomi phones and love to use their smart phones. They provide with various interesting features and is very easy to use, Xiamoi is mostly in the hands of many teenagers and young people who desire to have the best phone with the least price.

Xiaomi has beaten many mobile companies due to its affordability and unique feature which brings it as one of the leading Mobile Companies in India.


Vivo phones are trending in the market as a newcomer and is competing with the leading giants in the mobile industry. Vivo is a technology company owned by a Chinese manufacturer BBK Electronics.

Mobile Companies in India

Vivo phones has a worldwide presence and is increasing its reach to various customers with its trending features like amazing design, dual rear camera, face unlock, Split Screen, latest android version, etc…

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Samsung has developed its brand since 20th century. Samsung is the South Korean multinational mobile company founded in the year 1938 as a trading company and later diversified into various production unit of food processing, textiles, securities, insurance, and retail. Electronic Sector came during the year 1960 and is still consisting major market share in the world as well as in India.

Mobile Companies in India

Samsung, a reputed name in the telecom sector and had a history of record selling mobile phones. Customers develop loyalty to this brand and are now also the symbol for many corporate/professional/employer preferring Samsung as their choice of personal smartphone in India.


When we talk about Mobile Companies in India, How could we miss Oppo mobile phones? Oppo is another leading product of BBK Electronics.

Oppo mobile phone was founded in the year 2004. Oppo is not only a manufacturer of mobile phones but also have expanded its business into LCD-TV, DVD/Blu-ray player, MP3 player, etc… Oppo is constantly coming with the latest version for a user-friendly experience.


Realme Mobile phones is a recent player founded in the year 2018 and has performed significantly in the market. Realme phones had made its presence in the market share in India and is constantly developing its feature. Realme phone is also considered as a substitute for Xiaomi phones.

Realme phones are coming with the latest version since its launch in the year 2018. Realme had its origin from Oppo, it is a sub-brand of Oppo.


Apple is a leading brand which has its best significant presence in the world. Apple is not only limited to mobile phones but is also expanding its business in other electronics like laptop, earphones, Apple TV, etc..

Apple does not need an introduction, whenever apple comes, the loyal customers follow. They have less market share but the most renowned mobile phone in the world and is also considered as the best brand.

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Apple is considered as pride for the customer in India. It is the most expensive phone and brings the latest version with an increase in price but still it is ruing the world with its amazing features and security in the market.


There are various other Mobile Companies in India which had gain widespread recognizance and awareness. Nokia, Micromax, Celkon, Karbonn, Jio, etc… which are famous among various rural sectors in India. The prices at which they offer their mobile phone is the least and affordable price in the market.

Nokia was the leading brand in the telecom sector but times change and technology is constantly evolving. The company who can survive the market pressure and constantly change their product based on market demand and expectations would lead the market with changing times.

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Decide for yourself “Which phone would you consider?”

If you already have a particular company phone would you like to shift to a different company or would continue with the latest version of the same company?

What do you think about the Mobile Companies in India?

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