Questions in Interview with Answers

Top 7 Basic Questions in Interview with Answers

Questions in Interview with Answers

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As we all know that the basic questions are with the 5W and 1H. 5W consists of What, When, Where, Who, and Why and 1H as How?

Questions in Interview with Answers
Questions in Interview with Answers

All the questions in your interview will start with these set of questions. If you are going for an interview the basic requirements are :-

1. Confidence

2. Background check of the company

3. Homework related to the company which includes its history, founders, formation, products and services.

4. Checking the reviews and ratings of the company

5. Essential Documents (Resume, Degree Certification, Job Description, etc…)

6. Formal Wear

7. Know the company’s vision and mission

8. Have Eye Contact and a smile on your face

9. It is preferred to say No, if you don’t know the answer. It is completely OK

10. Always say Thank you or Nice to meet you after the interview

Questions in Interview with Answers
Questions in Interview with Answers

Questions in Interview

What are the questions that are typically asked by an interviewer and How do you respond to those questions decide your future on whether there is a chance of your selection.

Do you believe in luck while appearing for interview?

Well mostly it depends on your convincing skills rather than your luck or destiny. People who believe in destiny leave the hard work to be done and the most important “confidence” and an “attitude” to change the situations into their favor.

7 Basic Questions in Interview with Answers

Let’s begin with few of the common Questions in Interview with Answers.

Question:- Tell me something about yourself?

Questions in Interview with Answers

The most common introductory question is not to be taken lightly because this question decides a starting impression on the minds of the interviewer. Don’t try to be classy or smart, just be yourself. You would always be notified of the personality that you have with yourself, that will be with you forever, so don’t try to be something that you are not. Be honest!!

Answer:- Good Morning/Good Afternoon/Good Evening/Hello, This is ___(your name)_________ from ____(place)________. I am living here from past_____ years/months. I have competed my ____(degree)_____________ from __________(college name)________________ which is one the reputed colleges in the area. I am ______(your skills e.g. hardworking, efficient, etc..)__________________ and would work up to my best potentials in your organisation.

You can add few more lines according to your needs and expectations but try to keep it decent and simple.

Question:- Why do you want to work in our company/organization?

Well, here is the time that your homework and the background check of the company would work. You need to specify the company’s good points as well as a few bad points that it can overcome. Good points most people would know but only a few would have the courage to state the company’s shortcomings.

If you have any other reason for applying to that company, you may state that and show your interest in the company’s values and goals.

Kindly don’t flatter the company by telling it was your dream come true and it is the best company you have ever visited. Try to be real and share your real feelings.

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Question:- Why should we hire you?

Yet another common question but it is essential to answer the question with utmost importance.

The hidden meaning of “Why should we hire you” means How can you help the company? Every company is interested in hiring you only if you are beneficial for the company. Your answer should be based on the same expectation.

Questions in Interview with Answers

Answer:- You can state your efficiency towards work, your past experience if any, your achievements, and your dedication to learn and grow with the growth of the company.

Question:- Why do you think you are the best fit for the job?

This question implies why should we take you over other candidates?

In situations like these, try not to defame anyone by saying that I am better than the other candidates or any statement like “I am the best.” Bragging won’t help, it can create a negative impression and your chances would minimize. Try to state your best work and it’s result.

Answer:- My major aim would be to focus on the vision and mission of the company. I will always try to give my best in the work assigned to me within the stipulated time and would handle all the responsibilities efficiently. I can work within a team and can handle different opinions and can come to a plan that can result in the benefit of the company.

Questions in Interview with Answers

Question:- Where do you see yourself 5 or 10 years later?

Questions in Interview with Answers

That is an individual question that is supposed to be answered with a goal and your vision for your future. You can begin to answer these questions by stating your goal and what all do you think you can learn in the meanwhile and how will the company help you to achieve your goals.

Remember to make your goal attainable, have a proper plan before you state your future plans. Your plan will describe to you and that will give a positive opinion to your interviewer about your planning skills.

Answer:- I see myself to be a _______________________. My efforts, hard work and the learning from your company can help me achieve my vision.

Question:- What are your strength & weakness?

This may look like an easy one to answer as you know “What are your strengths and weakness”? One Tip never tell your interviewer that you don’t have any weakness because everyone does have some or the other weakness.

Answer:- You should be truthful about your strength and the weakness that you state should be a weakness that you can overcome with time and effort. Tell them your strength will be beneficial for the company and you would try that your weakness will avoid any implications to the company. Your strength and weakness should describe you and your personality.

Question:- State some of your achievements, hobby, etc..?

This could be the end of your interview as questions like this maybe asked and even skipped when they are satisfied with the interview.

The company could tell you to state your achievements. You should have your certificate or something written to state your achievements that would build your credibility and a positive note to your interview.

Questions on your hobby can be asked to check your creativity and it is always best to state some of your best hobby that is been appreciated at school/college/work. Hobbies describe your versatility and multi-talent.

There could some other questions based on your field of job, technical question, past experience, learning in life, etc… that you need to answer with ease and confidence.


Questions in Interview with Answers

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