Questions on India

10 Alarming Questions on India


What are the things going wrong in India? 

Every country has its merit and also has its demerits. India is a country with few disadvantages and advantages at the same time. There are various alarming questions on India that is been raised by Indian citizens.

India is a sovereign, socialist, secular, democratic, republic country with diverse culture and traditions where people follow different languages.

Questions on India
Questions on India

There are many practices and mindset that are going wrong with the country.

Alarming Questions on India

Strong Opposition Party

In the current year 2020, India lacks a strong opposition party who can raise voice and prove to the public the shortcomings prevailing in the current government. BJP Government had won the elections consequently for the second time as there is no stronger opposition who can challenge the current Modi Government.

Every country should have an effective government and a strong opposition party to be an alternative to the present ruling government. The rising number of NOTA in the 2019 election represents that people need a strong opposition party in the country.


Yes, corruption have significantly reduced but not to ground zero. We hear about lots of government schemes and policies to help the poor, but still there is no reduction of people who are under the poverty line.

Questions on India
Questions on India

The money taken in the name of weaker sections hardly reaches the weaker sections and the implementation of the scheme is not transparent for the public to analyze the benefit of the government schemes.

Gender Disparity

Is there an equality between pay in men and women?

Are men and women treated equally?

The study represent that in every field men and women are paid differently for the same work. Example:- Bollywood, corporate office, service, etc..

The problem of transgender still prevails in our country. There are many people who look down on transgender and women leaders.

Reservation System

India has a reservation quota on employment vacancies, entry in school/colleges, election, reduction and subsidy given to weaker sections of the society. The reservation system began in India in the year 1882 by William Hunter and Jyotirao Phule.

The current reservation system that prevails in India was introduced in 1933 by Ramsay MacDonald and is still prevailing in India. The reservation system in India was introduced to benefit the minority and the weaker section of the society. With gradual development in India, the definition has not changed but the income of many weaker sections has increased and minority is now a privileged category.

India should now remove the reservation quota and decision should be based on merits and knowledge of the person.

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Discrimination on Caste

Questions on India
Questions on India

People are judged on their caste and given respect on the basis of their birth caste in many villages of India. Brahmins are considered as the top most category and Harijans as the lowest. We see people practicing politics on the basis of their caste and religion.

Blind Faith

Blind Faith is one of the questions on India that should be raised.

There are many people who follow many religions, people, and policies without questioning the basis and the benefit it provides to society. Start questioning on the practices that are followed in the country and get answers to your questions, it might benefit mankind as a whole.

Domestic Violence

Everyone knows that domestic violence is a problem in our society.

How many of the people fight against Domestic Violence?

Women are scared to pour their heart out on domestic violence as there are nobody who would support them, neither her parents nor her family of husband and in-laws. The parents who gave her birth will mostly say they both need to work on their marriage and try to understand and the girl needs to understand or compromise with the family.

Violence is not limited to spouse but also spouse family or relative which take an ugly turn for the victim.


Questions on India regarding Marriage be it Love Marriage or Arrange Marriage is a race that needs to complete a finish line. If the couple faces issues or even if it is unbearable to be with each other, still they would be together as divorce is unacceptable in society.

The girl cannot lead back to her parents’ house as they would never support her, and she would have no other option rather than compromising/adjusting or staying alone with the divorce.

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Questions on India regarding divorce is unacceptable to the Indian society, even though it is completely legal to grant the divorce if the couple agrees on getting through the divorce. Society will not let the person and the person’s family to live peacefully and will constantly criticize them.

Questions on India
Questions on India

The pressure from the society is more deadly than the entire divorce procedure of heartbreak and family trauma.

Sexual Harassment

Have you heard people saying and debates on the below mentioned topic?

“No place for women.”

“No country for Women.”

“Delhi is the rape capital of India.”

India is facing sexual harassment for a long time, there are students, women & people protesting against harassment, but sexual harassment has only remained a topic to be discussed and limited or no results to its solution.

No one is safe from harassment, physical or sexual, every woman has faced some kind of harassment in her life and is unable to fight for her rights.

Demonstrations are limited for a limited time, the government gives assurance to provide justice to the victim and you would see another victim after some time.

India should question their rules and its effectiveness?


These questions on India are raised constantly but how many of them are answered. Your questions might bring change in the current traditional practices. Share the blog and raise your questions on India.

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