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to weight gain

To Weight Gain is a leading problem for every human being as the current lifestyle that we follow includes a lot of fast food consumption and tremendous work. The current lifestyle that most of the human beings follow is a busy lifestyle where it is very difficult for people to work under these circumstances.

The current statistics show that hardly 23% of the people in America practice workout or exercise on a regular basis according to the Centers for Disease Control. This statistic shows why most of the people tend to weight gain, the health of the country is diminishing, and subsequently the health of the world.

Surprisingly, many country do not consider checking the statistics of people practicing workouts on a daily basis. There should be a heath index to be maintained and constantly checked in every country.

Questions to Weight Gain 

to weight gain

Why do we gain weight?

Our daily routine does not contain any diet plan or regular workout which leads to an increase in weight. Workout and diet plan works hand in hand and should be followed simultaneously. We usually are in a way to gain weight when we do not have ample time to look after our bodies.

Weight gain varies from person to person, their daily routine which may or may not involve physical activity.

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Reasons to Weight Gain

to weight gain
  • Unhealthy food habits
  • Lazy working hours
  • Table and desk working style
  • Lazy habits of eating and sleeping
  • No involvement in any kind of physical activity
  • Tireless schedule of daily life with work and home which gives no time to take care of the body.
  • Brain is fully occupied with workload providing no time for workout

Do we require a diet plan?

People anywhere in the world do not have a proper diet plan. There would be some exceptions to people who have a regular diet plan but that would be limited to a few people.

Everyone should have a diet plan and should effectively work for the reduction to weight gain.

to weight gain

Your diet plan should include:-

  • Healthy and Heavy Breakfast- Milk, cornflakes, egg, cereals, sprout beans, lemon tea
  • Appropriate Lunch- Leafy vegetables, dal, chapatti, rice (less oily food with limited quantity)
  • Dinner- Low calorie and nutritious food (rare quantity)

Have your breakfast like a king, lunch as a prince and dinner as a beggar

You can also refer to your workout trainer for your diet plan.

Who follows the diet plan effectively?

As we discussed earlier that there are limited people who follows the diet plan effectively on a regular and proper basis.

The person who follows the diet plan effectively can reduce their weight gain as compared to the person who is excited to reduce weight at the start, follows the proper diet chart, and with time loose interest and goes back to the earlier routine.

to weight gain

Your diet plan should be your regular habit to be practiced in your daily lifestyle.

How does workout help to weight gain?

to weight gain

Workout is essential to burn the calories, fat, and cholesterol present in the body. Exercise and yoga help in reduction to weight gain and simultaneously increase your stamina and the immunity of the body.

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There are various yoga postures that if you practice daily would help you in reduction of your weight and tone your body. Yoga positions like Surya Namaskar, Plank Position, Warrior Position, etc… can help you to maintain your body.

Is the diet plan essential along with workout?

You must have heard that workout does not work alone. You need to follow a proper diet chart along with your workout to lead you to weight loss.

to weight gain

You gain weight due to the consumption of unhealthy food, improper timing of your food and desk working style that would lead you to weight gain. Workout with a regular diet plan will help you to control your weight faster than practicing workout alone.

How many days will require in reducing weight?

This would be a tough question to answer as different people have different body types. You should have a constant 55 minutes workout every day and on the fifth day, check your weight. If your weight reduces your workout, as well as your diet plan, is working effectively.

to weight gain

If the above plan does not work for you, you can increase your workout timing and constantly check your weight within 4-5 days. Follow the plan on a regular basis to maintain your desired weight as well as reducing your weight.

What are the minimum calories for consumption?

The minimum calories that a woman body requires are 1500 calories and 2000 calories for a man to lose their present weight.

While if you have reached a stage when you are happy with your present weight, the calories that a woman’s body requires would be 2000, and a man’s body can intake around 2500 calories.

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Theses calories can be maintained while having proper knowledge of the calories that you intake in your food. Check the calories that you consume in the whole day and calculate the total calories of your food.

Next Steps

to weight gain

The best way to weight gain is to maintain a daily diet chart with a fixed time for a daily workout. Your health is in your hands that you should take care and manage effectively for the benefit of the society.

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