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Why Question Everything?


Why should you Question Everything?

Question Clubs promote everyone to ask questions and get answers to those questions. Why do we do that?

We want to promote every question and its answer for the betterment of the society and the people. We try to reduce the bridge between knowledge providers and knowledge gainers. Question Clubs provide free education to everybody of different age groups, each age group of the society is considered and their choice of interest.

Question Everything
Question Everything

Question Clubs have different niche of questions where one can post their doubt and also answer other questions. Why are you waiting? Visit each corner and you would gain knowledge on different sections of blogs, answered questions, ask your questions, services, privacy policy, etc…

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You should Question Everything to give your thoughts a detailed description with a question and its answer. The more you question everything, the more you would be clear in your thoughts and expression.

Why Question Everything?

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Every constitution provides us with equal rights to raise our opinion and question wherever it is desirable. These rights give you freedom of expression to ask your question and get answers to your question. Let’s get back to our history, where we have often heard people questioning the society and the society has in turn criticized those people and their existence. To state a few of the examples we have a few sections in our society who have struggled for a long time in our past to get recognition in the future.

Transgender/LGBT Community

Question Everything

Transgender/LGBT Community is trying to be a part of our society and the society has not included them in either the male/female category. There were no special rights for them, in several countries LGBT is still fighting to get their status in the country.

If the question were raised earlier to include and give social status to the LGBT community, it would not have taken such a long time and the fight against the society is still continuing.

Sexual Harassment

Reports state that 35 % of the women worldwide have some kind of harassment either sexual/physical by the society, family members, relatives, workplace, etc…

If these women were encouraged to question “Why there is no end to sexual harassment?”

The Government bureaucrats would be pressured by the society to answer the questions asked by women worldwide, the problem of harassment to women would have been sought earlier.

Questioning Everything is your right. When you are not given a proper answer to your question, Keep questioning the people, society and the government.

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Discrimination in caste, creed and culture

From time imperial to the current 21st century, we face discrimination. Every day, we go through situations where humankind is been discriminated against on the basis of caste, creed, and culture.

People are questioned on the basis of creed, caste, and language. Society has shown us an ugly picture of people obsessed with their caste. We need to question those people out there to stop discriminating on the basis of caste, creed, or culture.

Widow remarriage/ Child marriage

Question Everything

If Vishnu Shastri Pandit, the founder of the Widow Remarriage Association in the 19th century had not questioned the society about Widow’s remarriage, the society would not have changed their mindset towards widow remarriage. Child marriage are still prevalent in many parts of the world. Why do people not question this tradition? What is the result of Child marriage?

We need to question to protect our rights. Help the people who are facing difficulty like Child marriage or widow remarriage.

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Question Everything

You have the freedom to ask your question and the society would be answerable to you in a longer run. Keep fighting back with your critically acclaimed questions. By getting answers to your question, it can change the practices that have been followed through time imperial.

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